Désian is a Venetian brand of design and production of lamps with LED technology.
Spin-off of the historical company LASER King of Oppeano Verona specialized in metal productions, Désian was born from a design and technology course that explores the world of LED technology combined with many materials, with the emergence of innovative solutions without any barrier or technical limit.

Creativity and research come together in a young and versatile structure, able to deal the design of lamps for the domestic industry and for the contract sector. Alongside the engineers and designers, Désian is the ideal partner for the management of custom products for small and large series made entirely by hand and manufactured in-house. Désian designs lighting fixtures and lighting solutions with great performance thanks to the use of LED. The intensity and power of the LED light also on small lamps, the possibility to dimmer the light intensity, the remote control of lighting functions make the desian lamps adoptable in every context of life, respecting environmental sustainability.

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